Dine My Way

Dine My Way

Dine My Way℠: Food rediscovered on cruises!

Enjoy a world of culinary options at the touch of a button on your next cruise

Dine My Way is all about personalizing your cruise experience. You can choose your dining times for each day, whether you make reservations for the main dining room (which is included in the price) or the specialty restaurants (at a small additional charge). You can dine at the same time each night or change your meal times to suit you.* Once you're on board, you can order food and beverages through OceanNow® to be delivered to you wherever you choose. More options at your fingertips means less waiting and more time to dine to your liking.
*Reservation times are based on the capacity and availability of the venues.


The Princess® Cruises App

For the launch of Dine My Way, guests can access Dine My Way reservations, review options and purchase food, beverages, products and book services through the OceanNow section of the The Princess® Cruises App. 


Reminder: OceanNow offers personalized and convenient service! With OceanNow, guests can order or use food, beverages, products at any location on board.

- Guests can dine together with their travel companions and enjoy world-class culinary experiences.  With more dining choices, the ship can ensure adequate capacity (as per CDC guidelines) for each dining room.

- Guests can conveniently create their dining plan for the duration of their trip or customize their plan to fit their personal daily schedule.
- Reservations for the main dining room and specialty restaurants are available at a glance and easy to manage.

- Guests now have a wider selection of meal times to choose from in the personalized area.
- This allows guests to dine as they wish and even make changes to each evening. As a result, reservations can be coordinated with their own plans and no longer have to be planned around them.

Access to Dine My Way


- Customize your reservations and other dining options.
- Most guests have access after paying for your cruise in full.
- Early access for Captain's Circle Platinum and Elite members and guests booked in Club Class and Suites.
Download The Princess® Cruises App app to your smart device to get started:


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Order food, drinks and more with OceanNow®



Getting hungry during a movie at Movies Under the Stars®? While relaxing on the piazza want to enjoy your favorite beverage? Or would just like to avoid the crowds and queues on your holiday? Order whatever you need - burgers, beer, chocolate cake, cocktails and much more - and we will bring it directly to you, free of charge. Please keep enough distance, make yourself comfortable and continue to enjoy excellent service.

Learn more about Ocean Now® here

Eat when you want

- Choose your dining times for the main restaurants and specialty restaurants.

- Change your reservations as needed. (You are flexible!)

- Choose the same time each night if you prefer the same service.

- Reservations are not required for Club Class Dining guests.
*Early dining requests (including traditional food) will be accommodated.

Eat how you like

- Customize your food and beverage orders.
- Specify your personal dietary preferences in your OceanReady® profile.
- Choose your meal pattern in your profile.

Eat with who you want

- Let us know who is part of your tour group.
- You can easily make and edit reservations that include members of this group.

Dine where you want

- Choose from a variety of restaurants and dining options, including regional cuisine.
- Let your tastes and mood decide whether you want a celebratory multi-course meal at an award-winning specialty restaurant or the best pizza at sea. (The choice is the only difficult part!)
- Sit tight! Order food and drinks wherever you are with OceanNow®.

Other Benefits


Platinum and Elite guests receive early access
Captain's Circle members with Platinum and Elite status, take note! You can make Dine My Way reservations immediately (before final payment). As a thank you for your loyalty, you'll have your choice of locations and times!

Learn more about the benefits the Captain's Circle membership

Main Dining Room and Specialty Restaurant Reservations 


The main dining room and specialty restaurant reservation services of the Dine My Way experience are not available to all guests at the time of booking. Please see the specific requirements for use below:


Prior to the cruise, only dinner reservations can be made. 
Onboard guests may make reservations for breakfast and lunch.

Elite and Platinum guests will have access to reservations for the main dining room and specialty restaurants as part of Dine My Way ( no full payment required) at the time of booking.

Elite and Platinum guests also have the option to reserve the main dining room for other members of their travel group (Travel Party). A travel party is a group of people with whom the guest is traveling. This travel group can only be specified prior to travel through The Princess® Cruises App.

Guests who are not Elite or Platinum Members will be granted access to reservations for the main dining room and specialty restaurants in Dine My Way upon full payment of their reservation.  

Upon full payment, guests will also have the ability to make meal reservations for other members of their travel party. 




What happens when I select Anytime Dining?

I selected Anytime Dining.
What will be the dining time?
Guests who have selected Anytime Dining will not be assigned a specific time.  Once Dine My Way becomes active, you can log in (depending on access) and either create a trip length plan or book different times for different days. 


You are traveling with a group?

Yes, I am traveling with a group.
- Will we all get the same meal time?
We automatically transfer all existing restaurant and specialty dining reservations into the app and try to accommodate your original request as much as possible. You can select travel companions in The Princess® Cruises App to coordinate dining together.
- We don't want separate times. How can you change that?
If you would like changes, you can adjust your Dine My Way selections accordingly if you are a Platinum/Elite member or after your cruise has been paid in full.

Is a reservation required for the buffet?

Is a reservation required for the buffet? Does this also apply to breakfast, lunch and dinner?
The buffet is operated like a restaurant. Guests can make reservations for some areas of the buffet via The Princess® Cruises App . Guests will see available buffet seating inThe Princess® Cruises App, similar to making a reservation for the main restaurant i.e. for each available time slot they can choose between the main restaurant and/or the buffet. Guests will be notified via The Princess® Cruises App in the same manner as they would for a main dining room reservation.

Do Club Class guests need to make a reservation for the main dining room?

No, Club Class guests will be notified via the app of their dining room and general times available. We assume that Club Class guests will not want to make reservations - they will be manually met at the dining room door.