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  • Top sights

    The Rockstone
    1. The Rockstone
    2. The Dancing Man
    3. Overdraft - Craft Ale Bar
    4. Showcase Cinema de Lux
    5. The Stable
  • The best restaurants

    The Stable
    1. The Stable
    2. Tortilla
    3. Stakks Pancake House
    4. La Baronia
    5. Cafe Thrive
  • Popular shopping locations

    Apple Southampton
    1. Apple Southampton
    2. Waterstones
    3. Costco Wholesale
    4. John Lewis & Partners
    5. Zara

London is an enormous cosmopolitan city, with all the cultural and gastronomic attractions you'd expect from a world capital. Stretching for more than 30 miles on either side of the River Thames, it is the largest city of the EU, with a diverse population of about eight million. Southampton is one of several port cities and a gateway to London.

Buckingham Palace
This royal residence is over 360-feet long and contains some 600 rooms. Located in a 40-acre garden, it has been the monarchy's main home since King George III purchased it in the 18th century. The changing of the guard just before noon is one of the world's most famous displays.

Big Ben
Arguably the most famous and photographed timepiece in the world, London's clock tower known as Big Ben, resides at the eastern end of the House of Parliament, one of the largest government buildings in the world.

Southampton is a premier passenger-ship port that dates back to the golden days of transatlantic passage. It's also one of the UK's top 10 retail destinations, with the West Quay Shopping Complex, approximately two miles from the pier.


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