Communication Services

Communication Services

Callers may reach the ship by using the international operator and providing the ship's name, ocean code and telephone number as listed below. Phone and fax numbers vary depending on your ship and the actual region. The costs are about 10 USD per minute.


Phone Number

Caribbean Princess


Coral Princess


Crown Princess


Diamond Princess


Discovery Princess


Emerald Princess


Enchanted Princess


Grand Princess


Island Princess


Majestic Princess


Regal Princess


Royal Princess


Ruby Princess


Sapphire Princess


Sky Princess


Sun Princess



Cell phones
Of course you also have the possibility to use your cell phone on board. This should be triband capable. Every Princess ship is equipped with an advanced cellular network. This network allows you to send as well as receive voice calls, text messages and data services on your personal mobile device. Mobile device service is available to you when the ship is at sea, in international waters and in other areas where such use is permitted. All charges are conveniently billed to you by your mobile device provider. Your mobile device provider must have a roaming agreement with Wireless Maritime Services (WMS) in order for you to use your mobile device with this service. Your mobile device must be able to roam internationally and international roaming must be enabled on your device. If you have a prepaid device, please check with your mobile provider to see if you can use it at sea; not all prepaid devices are supported. Rates for cellular service at sea are set by your cellular service provider.  If you have any questions about your service during the cruise, including cruise packages offered, rates or billing, please contact your wireless carrier's customer service department. Please note that your respective provider's international roaming charges apply here.  Rates may be higher at sea than on land.


MedallionNet® - The best Wi-Fi at sea:
With Medallion Net, we offer you the fastest Internet at sea! Whether you want to send a greeting with a photo to your family during your cruise, stream your favorite movies, or simply find out about your next destination on the Internet - Medallion Net sets new standards through state-of-the-art technology and offers even faster surfing than land-based hotel Wi-Fi. 

Fast. Reliable. Unlimited. Affordable. Stay connected while you relax and unwind:
Use the Internet on board. Our entire fleet has wireless LAN. This allows you to use the Internet with your laptop, tablet or smartphone even in your own cabin. The Internet Café on board is open 24 hours and offers you the possibility to go online whenever you want.

Medallion Net rate: 24,99 USD per day/per device (bookable for entire cruise duration only)*Pre-booking must be made at least three days prior to cruise departure. Subject to price and discount changes

We recommend selecting the Princess Plus or Premier rate when booking, as this includes free WiFi as well as gratuities, beverage package, etc.

As a Platinum and Elite member you receive a 50% discount on the MedallionApp Package.
This means you can also use the Internet in your own cabin with your laptop, tablet or smartphone. The Internet Café on board is open 24 hours and offers you the possibility to go online whenever you want.

All ships in the Princess® fleet are MedallionNet-enabled. Note that on ships sailing in northern regions such as Alaska and Northern Europe, internet speeds may be slightly slower than in southern regions. Schedule for MedallionNet deployment on ships is subject to change.

Princess MedallionClass™ - Smart Ships, Relaxed Vacations

What is a Princess MedallionClass™ vacation?
A Princess MedallionClass™ vacation offers the ultimate experience of a carefree, personalized cruise. It starts with your Medallion™, a small, portable device that unlocks a world of possibilities during your Princess® cruise vacation. As part of our MedallionClass™ service, you'll enjoy benefits such as expedited boarding, the best Wi-Fi at sea, locating your loved one anywhere on the ship, and enhanced services such as having everything you want delivered to you on your trip - all through your wearable Medallion. Spend more time together and doing what you love on a Princess MedallionClass™ vacation.

So, what exactly is the Medallion™ all about and how can our smart Princess MedallionClass ships enhance your cruise vacation? You can learn all about these technologies here.